This film is our tribute to classical music, nature and all the great

masters whose arts have touched our hearts and uplifted our souls. 



Welcome to the magical forest “Bosco che Suona”, where the music trees grow. 


the legendary violin maker, Stradivari, came to this forest to select trees for his acclaimed instruments.


But what really makes his violins, considered among the finest ever made

of the last 300 years, still resonate with us today?


Miracles, possibly.


Join us on this special journey to discover the miracles of exquisite art when cosmic timings, nature, and humans are all harmonized.


Our Storytellers

While the filming of the documentary is complete, our team still needs to complete the last part of production including sound mixing, graphics, music licensing and distribution. 

Your support will be a critical component in helping us to inspire generations to come. 

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