The Duomo

Short Film | 9 min

the story of filippo brunelleschi, who reimagined architecture, designing the magnificent dome for the florence cathedral, a symbol of the renaissance spirit that still inspires humanity 500 years on.

dear friends,

In 2018, we started our storytelling journey with a pure heart and strong faith. Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, is where the first story of our series began. 


The magnificent Florence Cathedral, The Duomo, a symbol of the Renaissance spirit, was not built overnight. Brunelleschi took over 28 years to complete it. And he did it amid war, plague, crazy political dynamics - all the while enduring continual criticism, as well as having to overcome his own personal obstacles that agonized him occasionally. His story became shockingly familiar and reminiscent to us. 

There were many challenges that threatened to overwhelm us throughout our journey, from our limited resources, to language barriers, sleepless nights, to even countless mosquito bites, among other unexpected obstacles. During those moments when we almost wanted to give up, we found ourselves looking up at that marvelous Dome, and were motivated even more by Brunelleschi’s willpower, tolerance and faith. 


As we look back to Brunelleschi for inspiration, we would like to share our short film with you. We hope that this brings you some inspiration too, especially in these challenging times.

 Inspired Original Team 

May 2020

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The Duomo is the beginning of an ongoing series about traditional art and values. We are working on the remaining series of films. Your support will be a critical component in funding production and helping us to inspire generations to come. 

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