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Our Mission

To enrich lives by fostering the understanding of universal values inherent in classical art


The power of art is enormous. Art has played an undeniable role in human civilization; documenting, inspiring, and even leading people throughout the centuries. Good art can rectify the human heart, elevate morality, harmonize and even enable humans to be connected to heaven, earth, and divine beings. 

For centuries, classical art has been passed down from generation to generation. This tradition continued until the 20th century, when it came to an abrupt end. The transmission and inheritance of art was replaced by a radical avant-garde and began quickly degenerating. Today, even in times of unprecedented access and technology, there is something blocking our understanding of art.

We might have lost our way, but we believe that, as the scholars and genius artists of the Renaissance did, we must return to our roots to move toward a brighter and more optimistic future. Only by elevating morality and returning to faith and tradition will humankind be able to see another renaissance in the arts.


About us

We are a team of passionate filmmakers, artists and writers who cherish universal values inherent in classical art. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we create contents aiming to  support arts, culture, and education, thus reinvigorating hope and faith for generations to come.


Your support helps sustain Inspired Original's extraordinary level of programming and enables millions of audiences to experience the beauty of art. 


Will YOU help us protect the arts for the next generation? 

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