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Live from Cremona
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Dear friends,

We are delighted to share with you a special live performance from the city of music, Cremona.

After a long recording day for our film 'Violino’, we held an intimate mini-concert with the music lovers in town to celebrate the legendary Stradivarius 'Il Cremonese 1715'.

We are so grateful that we recorded the concert even with only one camera that night.
After 3 years, this footage brought back a lot of feelings to us. As the experience has touched us deeply, we would like to share some of the miracles with you. 

This video is a tribute to our friends and supporters who have helped us tremendously during this enduring and yet inspiring journey.  


Hope you will enjoy this gift.

Be Our Patron

We are launching a campaign to bring this special gift to as many people as possible.


As soon as we can reach our fundraising goal, we will be able to obtain the rights to start broadcasting the film on public televisions. 

We count on patrons of the art like you to complete the last leg of our journey and continue producing content on traditional art and culture.


We would be extremely grateful for any contribution you can make. 

Will YOU help us to inspire generations to come ? 


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