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Between Generations

Between Generations
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The Story

In “Between Generations,” painter Paolo Roque depicts an Andean man’s traditional values.


“This work portrays the feelings of the Andean man, who revalues his roots and his essence; as the basis of hard work, forging the land, and also its future,” Roque said.


“The ancient Peruvians developed a close bond with nature, of respect, fear, and adoration. Men and animals depend exclusively on what the land produced and provided.”

“Thus, this work pays homage to Mother Earth, the ‘Pachamama,’ in gratitude for all the benefits we receive from her,” Roque said.


He wanted to show “Andean customs that persist over time.”

“It is my commitment to spread the Andean culture towards future generations,” he said.

This piece took Roque several months, as he works with a slow process of glazes. Roque said he begins with a restricted color palette and progressively adds more color with soft glazes as he works.

“Each work is a great challenge. And in this case it was a great experience, from finding the model and composing the scene, representing what I had in mind. The strength of the eyes and the look had to be the strong point of the work,” Roque said.

He tried to focus on the man’s deep gaze and expression, livening it in such a way that the character could connect straight with the viewer.

“What comes from the soul, comes to the soul,” he said.

The original painting is currently put up at auction to support the NTD International Figure Painting Competition’s mission.

For original artwork enquires, please contact here:

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