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We are delighted to present the original calligraphy painting “When things are chaotic to the extreme, order must be restored ” by renowned calligrapher Liu Xitong


The only original calligraphy is now available for sale. All net proceeds will go to support NTD's documentary programs, a 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization.



CALLIGRAPHY IN RUNNING SCRIPT (46 x 122 cm, 18 x 48 inch)

Making Of The Original Calligraphy

From NTD Documentary "When The Plague Arrives"



As fate or fortune would have it, word of mouth brought calligrapher Liu Xitong to the attention of NTD documentary producers at just the right moment. He became part of "When the Plague Arrives" - a film that seeks to capture humanity’s crossroads in the turbulent times of the pandemic. This is Liu's first major work since the Chinese dissident fled persecution to come to the United States. 

In the film, Liu paints the quote, “When things are chaotic to the extreme, order must be restored,” taken from the classic Chinese texts “Four Books” where Zhu Xi translated the “Analects of Confucius.” 




Born in China to illiterate parents, Liu Xitong was the only one of five children who could write. From age 3, he showed a gift for drawing, painting, sculpture—and calligraphy. In studying the greats, such as ancient philosopher-rulers—Kangxi, Taizong—and the styles of many dynasties, Liu has developed his own style and scripts. He was a member of the Chinese Calligrapher Association and held many successful and well-received calligraphy exhibitions throughout China.

Liu is also a practitioner of Falun Dafa, a spiritual discipline based in the Buddhist tradition, which was outlawed by the Chinese Communist Party on July 20, 1999. “I was sentenced to three years in the CCP’s illegal labor camp, and spent four years in prison,” Liu said. “I lost my freedom and the environment for creation and studying and writing. I endured violent beatings and insults from CCP prison guards and prisoners. I had the blood tests they give to those marked for organ harvesting, and these years were like a contest between life and death.”

Even in the face of adversity, Liu never gave up his faith. Upon his release, he made it his mission to raise awareness about the CCP's propaganda and persecution against Falun Dafa, using his gift of calligraphy to spread the truth.


Calligraphy is an ancient Chinese art where every stroke of the brush speaks volumes

about the artist’s character.

Many people try their hand at calligraphy,

but very few, even in China, ever master the art.

“Calligraphy is not an art that benefits from an impassioned state and frenzied mind. You need instead a pure mind, and to be in harmony

with the virtues.”

“Chinese calligraphy is not only a treasure of the traditional Chinese culture that was passed down by the gods, but it is a high art that is unique in this world,” Liu said. “The history is long, and its development is colorful.”


“The process of calligraphy is the exquisite display of the mystery and science of life and the universal, rendered visible by the tip of the pen.”

“It has always been my wish to continue that path of self-cultivation, return to tradition, and leave a reference to the art of calligraphy

for posterity,” Liu said. 


"When The Plague Arrives"



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