Conductor Tim Ribchester: The Classics Achieve Both Breadth and Depth in Their Impact

Tim Ribchester conducting in Vidin, Bulgaria in October. (Courtesy of Tim Ribchester)

Classical music has the capacity to connect with people deeply and to transcend cultural differences, says conductor Tim Ribchester, who now lives in Berlin.

Ribchester has conducted choral and symphonic works in the United States and abroad and now mainly conducts opera, for the New York Lyric Opera Theater, the North Carolina Opera, and the Music Academy International in Italy, among others.

He has coached internationally recognized singers, including Maria Aleida, Emily Birsan, Joyce El-Khoury, Nicole Piccolomini, and Gidon Saks, and, as a pianist, has been featured in director Park Chan-wook’s critically acclaimed film “The Handmaiden and on Cassia H