Exposing Vice to the Loving Light of Truth

Reaching Within: What traditional art offers the heart

“St. Augustine,” between 1645 and 1650, by Philippe de Champaigne. Oil on Canvas; 30.9 inches by 24.4 inches. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (Public Domain)

It’s interesting how our vices lose strength when they are brought out into the open; they gain power when they’re hidden in the dark spaces of our spirit. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I see to be my own vices and how I should deal with them. I want to rid my heart and soul of my vices, but shame forces me to keep them hidden, where their strength only multiplies.  


Confession and the Grace of God

St. Augustine had a similar issue with his own vices. At one point, he famously prayed, “Lord give me chastity—but not yet.”