Michaelangelo and His Garland Maker


The pleasant-sounding name Domenco di Tommaso Curradi di Boffo Bigordi, is that of the creator of outstandingly beautiful, early Renaissance frescos. The name is Italian; and his nickname, Domenico Ghirlandaio, means "Domenico the garland maker."

Known for painting finely detailed faces and appropriately placing figures in scenery, his portraits continue to delight people. Certain figures in some of this painting look directly at the viewer, making the viewer feel that they are part of the events on the canvas. To make the viewer part of the artwork itself may seem simple, but is effected through the true representation of human figures and their realistic gestures.

Another element is the frequent use of infinite perspective that leads the viewer into the distance, swept along with the images of rivers, mountains, lakes, and silhouettes of distant cities. Such vistas create tension for the viewer, as they need to decide what to look at first.  Should they behold the idyllic, detailed, facial features that could tell a story, or enjoy the endless heavenly breadths of the background scenery?