Painter George Ceffalio: Using Classic Techniques Makes Our Lives Better

"Green Apples, "2016, by George Ceffalio,. Oil on wood panel, 12 inches by 16 inches. (Courtesy of George Ceffalio)

For fine arts painter George Ceffalio, the importance of classical realistic art is self-evident.

“You see [realistic art] and can grasp it, unlike art that you need to study in order to understand, or art that you force yourself to like. It’s the most logical form of fine art,” he said on Aug. 18.

“When you look at a Rembrandt painting, it makes sense. That’s what I mean by logic. Everything is right, is correct,” he said. There may be a story behind the painting—why it was painted, and what the artist was going through in his or her life at the time. But that background information isn’t necessary to enjoy the painting.