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Please join us on this special journey to rediscover the universal beauty of High Renaissance art.


In 2018, we began our search for beauty in the Italian High Renaissance. The birthplace of countless glorious artworks that reveals the beauty of heaven, earth, and humanity.


The Great Masters - Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael - displayed unprecedented innovation, and transcendental beauty.
They showed us how art is a precious gift from the Divine.


We are a team of passionate filmmakers, artists and writers who cherish universal values inherent in classical art.

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Be our Patron

We are on the last leg of our journey, with production 80 percent complete. Despite the pandemic and limited resources, our dedicated team has not stopped developing the project. 


All that is left to complete this film is the final additional filming, music license, and obtaining remaining archival permissions.  


The film is slated for a January 2024 release. 


Your patronage will be a critical component in helping us complete this important documentary and inspire generations to come. 


  • $2,000 - can help us to obtain the remaining art archives.


  • $5,000 - can help us to finish the color correction and graphics.

  • $10,000 - can help us to complete the final filming sequences.

  • $20,000 - can help us to finish the rest of music scoring and licensing.


Will you help us pave a path for mankind  

to return to truly great art?  

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