A Herculean Choice: Virtue or Vice

“Hercules Between Vice and Virtue,” second half of 17th century, by Gérard de Lairesse. Oil on Canvas, 44 inches by 71.2 inches. Louvre Museum, Paris. (Public Domain)

I try to wake up every day and treat that day like a lifetime, like a microcosmic version of life itself. I ask myself: “Born in the morning and dead at night, how will I live today? How can I make choices throughout the day that will allow me to sleep with peace and dignity in my heart?”

I recently stumbled across a painting by Gérard de Lairesse titled “Hercules Between Vice and Virtue.” De Lairesse captured a pivotal moment in a day in Hercules’s life. I also find myself confronting moments like this in my daily life.

Let’s take a look at this specific moment in Hercules’s story.